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Our Brewery

Living Tea Brewery & Distribution

3239 Roymar Rd. Oceanside, CA 92056

The grassroots growth of San Diego County's first kombucha brewery is all a testament to YOU!

Every sip counts in growing organically and we thank each and every thirsty customer. CHEERS!

Living Tea Brewery recently outgrew our nano-brewery and are happy to announce the successful expansion to a micro-brewery. Our brew is still made by hand and our culture is carefully created. Thanks for growing with us! 

  • Living Tea uses unprocessed certified organic tea, sugar & cold pressed juice with dozens of unique brew based!     *The average kombucha company brews only one "starter" base tea and adds flavorings, extracts and other enhancements to obtain a variety of different flavor profiles.

  • Living Tea can ONLY be refilled on-tap at partnering like minded businesses, ensuring minimal glass waste and no probiotic loss as our kombucha never sees the light of day until it enters your glass!  *The average kombucha uses commercial Bottling & Kegging equipment that have been found to compromise the living probiotics and create massive bottle waste through heat and UV light.

  • Living Tea monitors its alcoholic content through multiple third parties to ensure our brew is a true non-alcoholic beverages (under 0.5%) We do not add to or alter our probioitic culture!  *The average kombucha can contain altered and even patented bacteria & yeast cultures.

  • If you are curious to see if your favorite kombucha is truly ALIVE give it the "Living Tea Challenge!"  Leave out 4-8oz glass over a period of 1-2 weeks.  If the liquid grows a clear cellulose film over the top of the liquid, then its truly Kombucha!


At Living Tea we care about what we consume and water is where it all begins. Our water filtration system was designed and manufactured by the local leaders of in-home/commercial water purification systems.  Check them out at DIME WATER


Our unit filters Oceanside City water at approximately 550 parts-per-million down to only 5 parts-per-million.  That is over a 99.9% reduction in harsh metals, chemicals and additives used by the City of Oceanside in the processing of our raw, natural water.  


Living Tea's final product contains less than 0.01% of Aluminum, Flouride, Nitrate, Copper, Lead, Uranium, Chlorine, Chloride, Trihalomethanes, Nitrosodiethylamine, Nitrosodimethylamine, Sulfates, Amonia, Boron, Calcium, Magnesium *ALL EITHER ADDED OR THE BY-PRODUCT OF THE RAW EXTRACTION AND PROCESSING DONE BY THE CITY OF OCEANSIDE*


For more information on The CIty of Oceanside's Water Quality CLICK HERE 
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